Les Fanflures Brass Band, Jumping in Jazz Funk Hip Hop with both feet!

Hailing from Toulouse, Les Fanflures BB are a sometimes stagebound, sometimes ambulatory Brass Band that buzzes with a contagious and brawny New Orleans style Jazz Funk.

They Add on top French Hip Hop singing on original compositions.
In pure contemporary New Orleans style (Hot 8 Brass Band, Rebirth Brass Band, Youngblood Brass Band, Treme) trombones / trumpets / sax / sousaphone / bass drum / snare drum, the 8 members of Les Fanflures BB cook up their own sauce: simmer some jazz funk sounds, sprinkle with a dash of New Orleans groove, and stir energetically to reveal the spicy zest of Swing and of the Caribbean.
Leave it to broil then scrape the bottom, because that simply isn’t done… but is always the best!


Discography : 

  • Upcoming: 2nd Album "Rumeur d'Or" december 2019
  • EP "Work Together" 
    Jazz Funk Hip Hop // Ma Case / BnB Prod (2017)
  • Album "Dans Ta Face!"
    Jazz Funk New Orleans // Ma Case / BnB Prod (2016)
  • EP "Do you Fanflures?"
    Jazz Funk New Orleans (2015)


Today Les Fanflures Brass Band is broadcasting its music on two fronts:

+ THE STAGE: Audio concert where Les Fanflures BB disseminate high-calibre festive jazz music onstage all the while keeping the energy and mobility of a brass band
+ THE STREET: The parade "Dans Ta Face!", a wandering, all-acoustic, danced performance.


Did you say New Orleans Funk ?!

New Orleans Jazz Funk, a style in its own right, is more rarely heard yet equally cherished every time it hits the streets.
As a genre that has remained close to New Orleans Jazz, all the while keeping the beat of Swing close to its bones, it often moves close to the Caribbean to form a Jazz-Funk-Latin golden triangle.

We Can see the vitality of this music in the serie Treme (HBO) with the Hot 8 brass band and Rebirth brass band, or personalities like Kermit Ruffin.
This is the kind of zesty mix that Les Fanflures BB likes to brew up and shout on every rooftop and every street corner to whoever will lend them an ear!


Once upon a time…

Late February 2013… because he is curious, passionate, and fairly ballsy, Gabriel Ray “Gaby” grabs his trombone and leaves behind the comfort of his hometown of Toulouse to land in New Orleans. Nothing awaits him there, and yet… fortune soon smiles on the young self-taught trombone player. Two days into his stay, it is none other than Delpheayo Marsalis himself who invites Gaby to join him onstage along with the city’s best musicians after seeing him breeze in at the Snug Harbour Jazz Club where Marsalis frequently performs with his Big Band.

Beyond this point encounters and introductions start to stockpile and, for a couple months, Gaby lets himself sink into the musical universe of New Orleans.

... a festive, singular French Brass B.

Les Fanflures BB offer a contemporary music experience marrying the energy of Hip Hop and the groove of Funk with the bounty of the Jazz repertory. Their streetwise music concentrates the kind of positive and communicative energy that is appreciated by European audiences. Simultaneously festive and intergenerational, their sound shines a spotlight on the brass section, voice (vocals and chorus) and solos, all Jazz traditions.

With 2 EP’s under their belt, the release in late 2016 of their 1st album “Dans Ta Face!” with its titular video clip displays how these effective arrangements emphasize the harmonic possibilities of a musical 8-piece. A new Horizon as been reach with the release of "work Together" where the band get into French Hip hop and spoken word with the cover of Angela (Saian Supa crew)